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Wings of Hope makes a difference in the lives of families serviced by Hummingbird Hospice,

as well as members of the community in need.  As families reach the end of a long

battle with a terminal illness, their financial resources are often depleted.

Many find themselves not only dealing with the stress of illness, but

coping with being stretched beyond their limits, trying to fit work

and responsibilities into a physically and emotionally demanding


Wings of Hope is part of what sets Hummingbird Hospice apart

from other care services. The generous contributions from our

Wings of Hope Foundation donors help provide specialized medical

services and equipment not covered by insurance, which assist in the

comfort of the patient during end-of-life care. 

Donations from Wings of Hope help alleviate financial burdens, enabling hospice

patients and families to attend to what is most important – spending as much quality time as

they can with the people they love.

Foundation and Purpose


Wings of Hope was established by Hummingbird Hospice as a separate 501(c) (3) organization in order to financially support and expand the mission of enhanced care and services provided to patients, families and members of the community who are facing serious and life limiting illnesses and loss.

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"While earning your daily bread be sure to share a slice with those less fortunate"
-Jackson Brown, Jr


Our Mission is to honor members of the community who have passed while in hospice care by delivering a variety of resources to caregivers, families, and patients confronting the final stage of life. This is accomplished every single day through your support and our commitment to patient advocacy.

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Hospice Care

Hummingbird Hospice is dedicated to supporting individuals with compassion, care, dignity, and excellence. 


Grief Support 

Wings of Hope grief team helps adults and youth learn to process feelings and find ways to cope so that you can move forward in a positive direction.

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Leave a legacy of compassion. When you give to Wings of Hope, you help us make a difference.

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You can change people's lives when you become a volunteer

When you donate your time, skills, and energy to Wings of Hope, you're making a huge impact. Volunteering gives you a unique opportunity to positively affect the lives of patients and their families. This rewarding experience gives you a way to help people when they are truly in need. 

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Financial Assistance

Wings of Hope provides financial assistance to hospice patients and members of the community who are uninsured or underinsured so no one is left without the care they need.


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Medical Support

Medical assistance for patients of Hummingbird Hospice and those dealing with a terminal illness are offered to bridge the gap between non-covered services and the need for additional care.  


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Wings of Hope offers a variety of grievance and bereavement support options for individuals, children, and families.


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The highly skilled nursing staff at Hummingbird Hospice offer personalized education on how to properly care for loved ones, as well as disease progression and nursing internships.



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Offering Medical, Financial,
Educational, and Grief Support
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