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Memorials Program

With the help of volunteers and community partnerships, Wings of Hope ensures memorial donations are used to honor the family member or friend to the best of our ability.

Memorial Flowers

Everyone remembers a loved one in their own unique way. Certain colors, places, or even smells will spark memories of a special time together.

The Memorial Program was created to honor loved ones who have passed while on hospice. Family members can request this service and provide details on how they wish to honor the deceased. Memorials hold a very dear place in the hearts of those who knew the individual that has passed, as well as those who assist with personalized dedications.


Our staff and volunteers learn about the life and family of the person, and together come up with a one-of-a-kind honorarium.  This can be anything from a hand-painted portrait, architectural garden in a favorite park, or quilted blankets made with photographs from their life experiences, to time capsules and monuments, celebratory gatherings, or cherished keepsakes for loved ones. There is no request too big or detail too small to ensure the memories of loved ones will never be forgotten.

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