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Hospice volunteers often view their volunteer work as a gift. The inner knowledge and satisfaction that volunteers feel from knowing they’ve made a real difference in the life of a patient or family is what makes being a hospice volunteer so special.

Volunteering With Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is a non-profit organization serving the San Antonio and surrounding communities. We offer compassionate care and companionship to partnered hospice and senior care facility patients, as well as support to their family members. Wings of Hope serves our clients wherever they call home, whether that’s in a private house, an apartment in an assisted living community, and sometimes even in skilled nursing homes to complement the care they receive from on-site nurses. Volunteers provide immeasurable support to Wings of Hope’s patients and families, and we will work with you to find an assignment near your home or neighborhood. 

There are many ways to volunteer:

Even the simplest of gestures such as reading to or talking with someone has a meaningful impact. There are many ways for you to contribute your time and talents. Some examples:

  • Visiting with patients
    • Pet therapy

    • Music therapy and choral performances

    • Massage or Reiki

    • Cosmetology services

    • Assisting with Wings of Hope’s dementia-care education program

    • Facilitating our grief support program

    • Take Flight volunteers

    • And administrative help in the office or at events

Connect with our Volunteer Services team to learn more about these opportunities. We are happy to talk through ways that you can put your talents and abilities to work by serving others in your community.  The Wings of Hope staff and volunteers are a group of compassionate, dedicated individuals who have a single goal at heart: to ensure that each patient lives his or her final months, days, or hours to the fullest with dignity and surrounded by love.


Patient Volunteers provide companionship and emotional support to patients and families. Like a friendly neighbor, Volunteer Visitors help take care of practical tasks or simply extend a hand to hold. Volunteers may run errands, help prepare a meal, read to a patient, offer light massage or just share some quiet time. Their presence can make it possible for a caregiver to take a needed break for a few hours. Learn More

Volunteers support our commitment to caring

Wings of Hope volunteers help patients and their families in many different ways. Whether you’re interacting with patients, escorting a canine companion to visit patients, or helping in the office or special event, all you really need is compassion and a desire to serve.


Our volunteers:

    • Are sensitive to the needs of others

    • Have an open and compassionate heart

    • Are excellent listeners

    • Never judge the beliefs and lifestyles of others

    • Have sufficiently resolved any long-term or recent losses


We request a commitment of one to two hours per week. We will work with you to find an assignment near your home or office neighborhoods. Since program readiness involves training and other onboarding tasks before being placed on service, we’ve found that our opportunities may not be best suited to college students who are only in town for summer break or other short-term stays.


Other volunteer requirements include:

    • Be of age 18 or older to work independently in a homecare setting (under 18 may participate with an adult chaperone present at all times)

    • Successfully completing an application, interview, (background check for patient volunteers)

    • Provide proof of required immunizations

    • Finishing a volunteer orientation session

    • Completing an online volunteer hospice training


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