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Wings of Hope Placement Service

Our experienced eldercare advisors help San Antonio area families find Assisted Living, Memory Care, and more 

Our Services

Wings of Hope helps families of senior members of the San Antonio and surrounding communities find senior housing for their loved ones when it's no longer safe for them to live independently at home because of age or disability.

Our services are 100% free to seniors and their families. Fees are paid by care providers.

What types of placements can we help with?

We specialize in high acuity and Long-Term Care communities: Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing (Nursing Homes), Memory Care, and Residential Care Homes. We can also assist with Hospice and Respite, as well as offer additional resources such as financial or legal planning and moving services.

We excel in crisis situations and can find a suitable senior home in less than a week!

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How do we differ from our competitors?

1) We are not a call center and we do not outsource our customer service. When you call us, you get connected directly to one of our Care Managers who has comprehensive knowledge about senior communities in your area, including current rates and availability, and will provide immediate solutions and support.

2) Our Care Managers don’t just hand you a list of places to check out so they can move on to the next caller in line – they can meet you in person, coordinate with your clinical team, take you on tours or perform virtual walk throughs, and provide unlimited ongoing support. There is simply no comparison when it comes to the individualized attention and the quality of service we provide.


3) We are not bound by national or franchise agreements so we can refer our clients to any and all care providers in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Freedom from these “exclusive” or “preferred” network agreements means we can focus on what’s best for our clients, not corporate partnerships.

Our Process

The first step is a one-on-one consultation, which can be over the phone or in person. Either way, we will begin with a thorough intake covering everything from your care needs to your financial situation, your personal preferences and your long-term goals.

Once we gather the necessary background information, we can make specific recommendations. Your loved ones deserve a safe and caring environment to accommodate their progressing care needs and we will give you clarity on how to get there on time and on budget.

Initial consultation

Compare options

Your care manager will provide detailed information about care options and costs to help you come up with a sustainable and affordable long-term solution. What does your loved one need? Which places will keep him or her after the money runs out?

Using the Laptop

There are literally hundreds of senior communities in the San Antonio area (including hard-to-find smaller buildings such as specialized assisted livings and residential care homes) and we will help you zero in on the best options to go see in person.

Visit senior communities

We will set up appointments to tour the communities of your choice based on current availability. If you are unable to drive, we will be happy to offer live or recorded virtual tours! You will get to meet the staff, see available apartments, observe current residents, and maybe even sample the meals if we arrive on time.

Your care manager will accompany you on these tours so they can advocate for your best interests and help you recognize what’s important (quality of care, staffing ratios) and what’s not (beautiful lobby, superfluous amenities). You will leave with a clear picture of the daily life at that community, along with a detailed breakdown of costs and services available.

The decision is yours

Our number one goal is to ensure that you make an informed decision. The entire process can take anywhere from a few days if you are in a crisis situation, to weeks or months if your timeline is longer. Your care manager will be with you every step of the way no matter how long it takes, advocating on your behalf so you stay on time and on budget and most importantly find a safe and caring environment for your loved one.

Are We the Right Service for You?

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We are right for you if:

  • Your doctor, therapist or social worker recommended assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing (nursing home).

  • You are currently living at home but need to find a senior home with services because you are unable to perform activities of daily living due to declining health or memory loss.

  • You already live in a senior building but need a higher level of care than they are able to provide.

  • You are currently in rehab or TCU and cannot return home due to health issues and decline.

We are not right for you if:

  • You are curious about senior care options but don’t foresee actually needing to move within the next 6 months.

  • You are looking for a regular apartment that’s not part of a senior community.

  • You are looking for subsidized housing.


  • FREE service for terminally- ill seniors and their families - no hidden costs

  • Experienced Care Managers specializing in Assisted Living, Alzheimer's and Dementia Care, Residential Care Homes, Enhanced Care Suites, and more

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Bachelors Social Workers on team

  • All local, all independent, all non-profit - we offer a senior living referral service covering the entire San Antonio area that is not part of a franchise or a national call center

Our care advisors offer referrals for all types of Long-Term Care communities and senior services: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing (Nursing Homes), Residential Care Homes and Care Suites, Home Care, Hospice, Respite, financial and legal resources, and moving services for seniors.

¹ All fees paid by care providers so our services are 100% free to seniors and their families.

² In accordance with HIPAA, all client communications are subject to our Privacy Policy.

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